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Country: U.S.
Industry: Telecommunications


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Charter Communications is a $9.1 billion telecommunication company and has been a Fortune 500 company since 2001. A leading broadband communications company and the fourth-largest cable operator in the United States, Charter today employees approximately 23,000 and provides services to more than six million customers in 28 states.

Charter is focused on integrating the highest-quality service with clearly superior entertainment and communications products. In 2014, Charter completed its transition to an all-digital network and launched the Charter Spectrum brand leveraging the power of the network to offer leading products and services to its customers.


Charter Communications wanted to develop a dashboard that will capture reporting information for analysis and KPI tracking in areas such as serviceability, field operations, sales, etc. The current process was getting too complex, taking too much time, and not allowing the team to analyze and visualize the information in such a way they could take immediate action to improve business processes. The vision was to move Charter from a manual report generation, touching multiple systems using excel as their main consolidation and reporting tool, to a 100% easily scalable dashboard automation solution.


ProgresSum created a team of professionals with the technical, design, and business process skills to lead this project. The composite team implemented a single automated dashboard solution broken down into phases to tackle the most important areas first. This allowed the project to gain wide spread adoption and impact as the high value initiatives were presented upfront. ProgresSum used several of it’s proven methodologies and toolsets, including ProgresSum Dashboard Delivery Management to manage the concept of product process. Currently, the second phase is in progress and other functional areas of the company are joining to bring their reporting and dashboard needs into this single automated dashboard solution. Charter Communications agreed this will become the main operational dashboard for the company.


Immediate visibility into the customer acquisition process, using a single web portal dashboard solution. Charter believes the dashboard project has not only made Charter more efficient, but thanks to the architecture and design created with ProgresSum’s help, gave it the ability to continuously improve their customer journey. Despite the five different business functions involved, ProgresSum helped bring it in on time and on budget. The implementation was quickly said to exceed Charter’s stated requirements. Among the benefits are:
  • Visibility across the customer acquisition process, trend analysis, and knowledge sharing
  • One single dashboard platform for five different business functions to drive collaboration on internal and customer challenges and opportunities
  • Standardized process that makes management easier and also helps reduce time and cost
  • This project provides Charter with a solution architecture that is scalable. The new dashboard not only supports better business today, but also better growth opportunity for tomorrow.
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