Business Intelligence

Most organizations have some level of reporting, but reporting only gets them so far. At ProgresSum, it is our mission to help organizations make better, data-driven decisions. Our group of statisticians, business leaders and developers are working together to solve the most challenging of issues and transform your data into meaningful insights that drive results.

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Data Management

Having reporting issues? Spending too much time exporting data and creating reports instead of analyzing and managing your business? We can help. At ProgresSum, we assist organizations in designing, building and deploying a holistic data management strategy integrated within the business. From setting data standards, structures, integrations and building effective data warehouses to ETL, security, data governance and processes, our experts will provide a framework to meet your organizational needs.

We also provide a deep assessment of your current data strategy. We look at your current processes, skills and technologies. We evaluate current situation vs. ideal situation to provide a clear roadmap for the organization to bridge current gaps.

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Digital Solutions

We understand the pains that businesses endure through growth. The pains can be dealt with through an analysis of the processes that are currently at work throughout the various departments. Some of the processes may have been implemented since the founding of your company and are in need of optimization. ProgresSum can help you develop a more efficient business by optimizing your processes and developing custom applications to help bridge your departments and to give you deeper insight into your industries trends.

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Managed Services

Constructing an IT department can be time consuming and come with many challenges that often pull at the very threads keeping the operations running smoothly. ProgresSum gives you and your business the flexibility of teaming up with experts without carrying the costs of building a department while still maintaining a solid, effective infrastructure. There are many challenges that come with the tool known as technology and these tools are within reach and now the knowledge to put them to work is as well.

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Consulting Services

At ProgresSum, we combine technology, analytics and business expertise to offer tailored, end-to-end solutions revealed by integrated data analysis. We help clients that wish to optimize processes and performance through our unique spectrum of management consulting services.

Contact us today to learn more about our management consulting services.

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